Anime Expo Chibi
November 12-13, 2022 Ontario Convention Center
Anime Expo
July 1-4, 2023 Los Angeles Convention Center
  • Premier Fan Badge

    Premier Fan badges offer the ultimate fan experience for Anime Expo attendees.

Premier Fan Badge

The Ultimate Fan Experience! 4-Day access to Anime Expo, plus extra benefits. 

  • Exclusive Premier Fan Lounge, plus Premier Fan Swag Bag
  • Early access to Exhibit Hall (Day 1 only)
  • Priority entry to panels*
  • IMPORTANT: If you are purchasing more than one Premier Fan badge, please provide a unique email for each Premier Fan registration to receive updates and information.


What is included with a Premier Fan Badge?

Premier Fan badges offer the ultimate fan experience for Anime Expo attendees. The full details of what is offered for Premier Fan badge holders are listed below:

4-Day Access to Anime Expo
Premier Fans will receive a unique badge with 4-Day access to Anime Expo.

Badge Mailing with Exclusive Lanyard
Premier Fan badges will be mailed out in June 2022 to United States and Canadian addresses. International attendees will need to pick up their badges on-site.

Premier Fan Swag Bag Package Featuring Exclusive Art by PICPICGRAM
Every Premier Fan who stops by the Premier Fan Lounge during the show will receive an exclusive Premier Fan Swag Bag Packaging featuring exclusive art by PICPICGRAM! Please note that items included in the swag bag may vary from year to year. 

Premier Fan Hotel Booking Block (Limited Availability)
Hotel booking made easier with a designated booking block. The Premier Fan Hotel Block is reserved strictly for Premier Fans and is not part of the general attendee housing block. See the Premier Fan Hotel Block Policy for more details.

Exclusive Ticketing Pre-Sale Purchase Period for Select Events
When possible, there will be an exclusive pre-sale period of 48 hours in order to make your Anime Expo experience smooth and enjoyable. Due to the possibility of different arrangements with artist management and industry partners, there may be some restrictions for ticketed event pre-sale periods.

Exclusive Advanced Reservation for Select High-Demand Events (Limited Availability)
For high-demand events (i.e. premieres) that require a wristband reservation beforehand, Premier Fans will have an exclusive reservation period. Wristbands will be available for pick-up in the Premier Fan Lounge prior to the event.

Priority Entry Access to the Convention Center
Get into the convention center faster with priority entry access at South Hall and West Hall!

Priority Entry to Select Panels & Events
In order to best take advantage of this offering, we recommend that you arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the panel. The Premier Fan line will be let into the room prior to the general attendee line. Premier Fans, who are not in the early entry line when admittance is granted must enter through the general attendee line. Please see our program room policies for more information.

Early Entry to the Exhibit Hall on Day 1 (Fri, July 1)
Beat the crowd and get into the Exhibit Hall at 9 AM on Day 1 only. Be sure to line up at the Hall K entrance of the Exhibit Hall by 8:30 AM to best take advantage of this perk!

Designated Premier Fan Line for Exhibit Hall on Days 2-4 (No Early Access)
Get into the Exhibit Hall with more ease by using the designated Premier Fan line for Exhibit Hall. In order to best take advantage of this offering, we recommend that you arrive at the Hall K entrance of Exhibit Hall at around 9 AM.

Premier Fan Lounge Access (feature Wi-Fi, complimentary beverages, and charging stations)
Enjoy the comforts of a private Premier Fan Lounge, near the action but away from crowds and noise.
Lounge features include:

  • Charging stations
  • Comfy seating
  • Complimentary beverages
  • Premier Fan Swag Bag Pick-Up
  • Customer Service station
  • Premier Fan ticketing station
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

Discount on Official AX Merchandise
Premier Fans will receive a discount on official AX Merchandise.

*Premier Fan program details subject to change without notice.

  General Attendee $ Premier Fan $
Badge Mailing
Priority entry to panels
Exclusive Premier Fan Lounge access.
Early access to the Exhibit Hall (Day 1 only)
Premier Fan Hotel Booking Block
Exclusive Lanyard
Exclusive Premier Fan Swag Bag
Exclusive Pre-Sale Purchase Period for Event Tickets
Discount on Official AX Merchandise
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